`Children in UK turn career-conscious early’

`Education vital in securing future’

16 November 2009: Foreigners in the UK, with their little ones studying here have little to worry. A new study shows children nowadays start making decisions on their study and career early.

The researchers at UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) wanted to understand how young children perceived the educational and occupational possibilities available to them and how they made choices. Elaborating, Professors Croll and Attwood found boys and girls from all backgrounds considered education important in securing future.

Giving details, Professor Croll said the striking feature of the finding was for this generation there was absolutely no gender stereotyping in hopes for the future.

 The ‘Understanding Society’ research also found girls were as likely as boys to see themselves as providing for their families; and boys were as likely as girls to see marriage and kids as an important part of their lives.

Landing up with a good job was of prime importance; and school was an important instrument in achieving the goal.

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