Church hall in Nottingham suburb to be converted to Hindu temple

The Nottingham suburb of Beeston Rylands, in East Midlands, will soon have its own Hindu Temple.

The Sri Thurkkai Amman Temple's official opening date is April 8.

The Temple will be created in the former church hall in West Crescent, as the building has permission to be used as a site of worship for any denomination.

The planned temple in Beeston has given reason for concern to the local community. More than 70 people attended a public meeting at the site to discuss the changes to the building.

The main concerns were how the temple fit in the community and over the limited parking available to the building, which has parking spaces for eight cars.

"The majority of people in this area are not Hindus. We've asked all sorts of questions tonight like how many people will attend the services and when the big festivals will be, but we have had no answers back," said Rob Juggins, 33, of West Crescent.

Nottingham has had a well-established and well supported Hindu Temple and Community Centre in Carlton Road since the early 70s, used by people across Nottingham and well beyond.

Other Hindu worship centres soon developed in the area: Sai Dham (Nottingham) in Egypt Road New Basford was started in 1993. There are two others – Shri Swaminarayan Temple in Palm Street and Shri Bhagwati Mata Temple, in Eland Street, both also in New Basford Nottingham.

These temples have spacious worship halls where the religious deities have been ritually installed. There is also space for community functions in halls within each  building. Marriages and other community festivals are held at some of these temples.  The temples open twice daily in the morning and the evening, Monday to Sunday. Their priests are available at these times at the temples, and also offers prayers and carry out ceremonies at devotee’s residences.

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