Computers wrecking kids’ reading skills: Study

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26th May, 2011: You have been logging on to the computers to stay in touch with your kith and kin back home. And, your little ones too have been making the most of the brain machines. But do you know computers are wrecking kids’ reading skills.

A new study by the researchers at the Gothenburg University in Sweden has found that increased usage of computers is adversely affecting children’s reading habits.

They discovered that the reading ability of nine and ten-year-olds has slouched in countries with households having at least one computer. The Daily Mail has reported the researchers for their study compared the reading skills of children aged nine and ten in Sweden, the US, Italy and Hungary.

The researchers found average reading ability since 1991 had fallen in the US and Sweden. At the same time, it increased in Italy and Hungary, where people were less likely to have computers at home.

The study found children in the US and Sweden got fewer books issued from the library. Rather, they spent less of their leisure time reading.

The study also came to the conclusion that the boys’ ability slightly decreased compared to the girls. It was possibly because they were spending more time playing video games.

Leading the research, Professor Monica Rosen said reading ability falls as leisure use of computers increases. It is important that they do not jump to the conclusion that the complete explanation for poorer reading is deficiencies in education.

On the contrary, the way in which computers undermine reading shows very clearly that leisure time is at least as important when it comes to developing high-quality reading skills.


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