Discounted football match tickets to Polish community generates debate

Polish community in Bath and Bristol wooed to boost attendance to Bath City FC matches

21st March 2011: Discounted tickets to Polish community for a football match have generated a debate of sorts.
Some people are dubbing the action as a “good idea”, while a section is claiming it amounts to racial discrimination.

The promotion was part of a campaign by Bath City to attract its first 3,000-plus crowd at a regular league match since 1978. Students were being offered a discount to the game against Grimsby, but the club also decided to attempt to woo Polish community in Bath and Bristol.

There were no games! Just wholesome discount! Members of the Polish community just had to pick up their Polish ID card and watch Bath City FC take on Grimsby Town on Saturday at discounted rates.

For a football club, in an attempt to boost its crowds and reach out to a minority community, offered nothing an 80 per cent discount to Polish people.

They could, in fact, watch the match on Saturday for £2.50, against the normal price of £13 to stand on the terraces and £14 for a seat.

Welcoming the club’s call to the Polish community, Film director and City fan Ken Loach asserted it was a good idea. He added the intention was just to boost the attendance.

Officials at Bath also clarified they were only trying to draw in a minority group. The officials added they checked with the Equality and Human Rights Commission and were told they were within their rights to offer the discount.
On the other hand, some club fans claimed the policy amounted to racial discrimination.

One of the supporters wrote on fans’ forum offering such a huge discount to one small community was plain wrong.

He elaborated people, who have loyally supported City through the lean years, and the regulars who have come back, are the ones who should be rewarded, not one small community, the majority of whom will not return in the future.

Another supporter was of the view that this was another kick in the teeth for City’s full-paying English supporters and he did not want to stand next to anybody who bought a ticket cheaper than him because he is Polish.

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