“In Our English Home”: 5 years of hilarious take on life of Polish immigrants


“In our house, near Acton Central Station, besides a bunch of cockroaches and a few mice, three Poles, a French guy, a Nigerian woman and an unidentified number of Indians live side by side. The house is very spacious and I've been there only for three months, so I really have no idea of what could be hidden in depths of this old Victorian possession”…

These are the opening lines of the first issue of “W naszym angielskim domu” (In Our English Home), first published in November 2007.

Written by Janusz Mlynarski, this sarcastic account on the life of Polish immigrants in the UK  is a long-time hit amongst the Polish community – grabbing its latest edition is a week-end must for Poles in London and around the UK.

Today, you can read Mlynarski's story about the social adventures of the beautiful but not so clever Victoria – a young Hungarian girl who lives in the multicultural melting pot of the British capital every week in “The Polish Observer”.

If you can't grab a copy at your local Polish store during the weekend (yes, copies do run out) go for the latest and the historical archive: click here and enjoy the reading! W Naszym Angielskim Domu

2012 is a very special year for the story, as “W naszym angielskim domu” will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. Soon the 100th issue of the story is going to be published…

We'll keep you posted!



The latest issue of The Polish Observer is online!

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