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applying for 10 years long residence visa

Im an overseas student and have being doing my studies since october 2000 in uk,im hoping to apply for long residence visa as i complete 10 years lawful stay in this octber,the course i study now will finish end of august this year,therefore is it necessary that i need to enrol for another course on compleation of my current visa,pls help

Hello Raheela,
The information you provided is quite helfpful. I
want some of your help/advice in my case.
Brief Info;
I am an overstayer here
in Uk for more than 4 years came in london on a visit visa. I have been working
on cash basis so no employment record exists. Now I want to marry to a Pakistani
gild Student who does have a valid visa by the mid of next year. We both want to
marrying against our families. I dont have my parents as they passed away some
years ago. some about 1-2 years back I tried to apply for assylum but could not
proceed that.
Now I need your guidance how we can change our status suggest me
some suitable, reliable and fast process….

need help, overstay my visa by more then a year

Please help,

I have been in this country for just over 10 years, and arrived in the UK on Jan…1999
I have been on every visa there is, and was lucky not to ever had any problems with my applications,
I started with a 2 year working holiday, then a student visa for 18 months, then a visitors visa for 6 months, then finally a work permit for 5 years,
But unfortunately I mist out on qualifying for indefinite leave to remain…



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