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The Polish Observer 30 January 2012

* cover story:  “Unfair justice” – how British administration of justice is using immigrants from Eastern Europe, like Poles ,to increase their statistics (“Niesprawiedliwa sprawiedliwość”), page 3

* interviews:

– with once Jakub – now Hamid, a Polish man living in London, who become a Muslim (“Islam to nie terroryzm”), page 4

– with Katarzyna Łękarska, a teacher and the director of Szkolny Punkt Konsultacyjny im. Lotników Polskich, a Polish education centre in London (“Pomost nad starą i nową ojczyzną”), page 6

* crème de la crème:

– the most popular story about Polish immigrants living in UK by Janusz Młynarski
“In our English house “ (“W naszym angielskim domu”), page 12

– feature article by Janusz Palikot, the most controversial politician in Poland
“Internet, the last piece of bread” (“Internet, ostatni kawałek chleba”), page 4

– extract from the book written by Jonathan Lipman

“POLSKA DOTTY: Tales of an Englishman in Poland”, page 15

* also:

– hot cultural events not only for Polish community, pages 18-20

– “King Arthur” is back, new PC game review, page 8

and many more…

News in Polish for Polish nationals in the UK.

28,000 weekly copies circulating in Polish shops and centres in London and throughout the UK.

Editor-in-chief: Janusz Młynarski

79 EU nationals in Lincolnshire wanted in home countries extradited since April 2009

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