Food worth 12 bn pound goes waste annually in Britain

`Reheat cold coffee, tea to cut on wastage’


11 November 2009: If you are a foreigner, you will find it hard to digest it. But the stodgy reality is that the Britons waste food worth 12 bn pound annually.

A new study has found the Britons waste the huge quantity of food either because they cook or prepare too much, or because they let it go off.

The findings by Waste and Resource Action Programme (Wrap) come at a time when the number of hungry people in the world has crossed the one billion-mark. The leading UK government waste watchdog, set up to advise the British Government on reducing waste and packaging, said the food and drink thrown out every year by householders could have been consumed

The report, Household Food and Waste in the UK, said the cost of the avoidable food and drink waste was typically 480 pound per household per year.

Wrap has also asked the people to reheat cold cups of tea and coffee to slash 1down the waste. The body asserted putting a cup of cold coffee or tea in a microwave was nearly five-times better for the planet, than making a fresh one.

It has also been found wine worth 470 million pounds goes down the drain every year, leading to Wrap’s call to the people to freeze leftover wine and use it for cooking as part of its measures to slash the UK’s carbon footprint.

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