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Eurofoods spices up your life with its seventh Masala Bazaar store in UK

7th October 2011:
It may sound spicy. But actually Eurofoods is all set to spice up your life offering on a platter their seventh Masala Bazaar store in the UK.
Digest it, folks! The brand new and exciting world of taste has finally come to Sunderland. The store, located in the Castletown area of Sunderland, is ideally situated just off the A19; and is all set to present a slice of India.      
The magnificent Masala Bazaar shares the same premises as the Eurofoods’ Sunderland distribution outlet. Eurofoods have their headquarters in Newport, South Wales and a southern distribution centre in Barking.

The new Asian themed food store will also double as a cash and carry for retailers. There will be free tasting of the foods on the 29th and 30th of September as, special offers on many of the products and even a chance to win a brand new TV.

As with all Masala Bazaar stores customers will be spoilt for choice with a diverse range of mouth-watering products that aren’t usually found in the well-known high street stores. The new site is placed with access and convenience in mind – a great location with its own free parking area.

When entering the store you are greeted with amazing scents and wonderful colours that will have your taste buds expecting a treat. Masala Bazaar has a phenomenal range of Asian and ethnic foods that you may not have seen the like of before, or for that matter, even heard of before. The shopping chain pride themselves on providing incredible foods from all around the world, opening up a whole new experience for retailers, take away owners, restaurateurs and public alike. The food senses are in for a real learning experience! Everyday supplies are also available such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, but this isn’t the main course. Masala Bazaar stores really open up the eyes and are adapting to the changing attitudes of people, who want new and exciting ingredients to cook with. With well over two thousand different product lines in-store, it’s almost impossible to walk out of the place without purchasing something new to try. The shop features its own in-house butchers with regular meats such as beef, duck, chicken and lamb which are beautifully displayed in their hygienic, squeaky clean counters. The shelves are stacked with an array of spices, herbs, ready meals, rice, sauces, pickles, chutney and basically everything else you could wish for to concoct your perfect meal.

If you like your menu to include fish then Masala Bazaar will exceed all your expectations of what alternatives can be put on your plate. You will never find any thing ordinary at these stores, and the fish section is no different. Super sized and super priced, fish such as boal ,rohu and ayre will amaze you (and your dinner guests) with its value for money, based on shear size and weight. Some of the fish weigh in over 10Kg – complete with head and tail – now that’s a real meal deal! Shrimps, prawns, a freshwater seafood fiesta make Masala Bazaar not only a food store, but a high quality fish mongers too. Some of the fish measure in over three foot – a really good catch, and something you’re not likely to find anywhere else in the vicinity. If you’ve a passion for new flavours, then you should try the extensive range of fresh water fish, direct from Bangladesh!

The stocking of Eurofoods’ own brand named goods such as Cha Cha Chef, Crown Farms, Zoy and Rohim creates a truly wonderful array of complimentary meals to go with all the other offerings. The staff are always happy to help and can provide you with expert knowledge on any of the products in the store; and you’ll find them a very friendly bunch.

As well as being an Asian food specialist, the local community will be pleased to know that they can just pop in for a pint of milk – it’s a corner shop, supermarket and cash and carry, all rolled into one!

If you’re looking for new ideas for a fruit salad or a Sunday lunch, you will need to check out the amazing selection of ethnic orientated fruit and veg that greets you on the way in to the store. With unusual fruits such as green coconut, kakrol and Lubee Uree – Sunday meal times will never be the same again.

On a wider business note, the outlet is also looking to provide a first class food service to Sunderland and the North East’s expanding take-away, fast food and restaurants’ markets. The Masala Bazaar prices will be hard to beat, based on the quality and variety that is offered. They are not just grocery stores; they’re an everyday helpful store with other departments such as cookware, utensils, health and beauty, toiletries, cleaning products, Asian garments, tobacco and confectionary. With regular monthly offers covering a huge range of products this is one store that can’t be left off your shopping list!

Masala Bazaar Sunderland’s address is: Unit 3, Sunrise Enterprise Park, Ferryboat Lane, Sunderland, SR5 3RX

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