Greater Manchester Police goes through last moments of Anuj Bidve’s life with his family

The Greater Manchester Police has released a statement saying they have gone through the last moments of Anuj Bidve's life with his family.


The statement, released from Pune, on 3 January 2012, says: Anuj's family have asked Greater Manchester Police to make a statement to the Indian media.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police as you now know travelled to India on Sunday the 1st of January

The purpose of the visit was to speak with the family of Anuj and to support them in what must be one of the most difficult times in their life

In all incidents of murder we use specially trained family liaison officers who work with a family. Their role is to support and guide them through the upsetting process of receiving their loved one back and matters such as court proceedings

It is not uncommon for us to send officers to other countries if the victim's family come from outside the UK

The visit of Greater Manchester Police officers to India has been with this purpose in mind.

Our role has been to meet the family, to explain about the case so far and of course to go through the last moments of Anuj's life with them as we understand them to be from the investigation so far.

This is especially important in this case and in our view best done in a face to face meeting.

We met with Anuj's family last night for several hours and were able to fill in some of the gaps in understanding of the events leading up to Anuj's tragic death.

We remain in close contact and shall be so for the coming months if not years.

Anuj's family are very understandably keen to have Anuj returned to them. In the UK following charge of a person the defence are entitled to a second post mortem examination. This is taking place this morning the 3rd January. After this Her Majesty's Coroner will then be able to consider release of Anuj. Anuj's family is aware of this and the detailed reasoning behind it.

At this time it is their intention to fly out to the UK to return with Anuj. The details of this are still being worked out

You will now be well aware that a local 20 year old man Kiaran Mark Stapleton has been charged with Anuj's murder. He appeared at Manchester Magistrates' Court on 2 January 2012 and was remanded into custody to await trial.

Because legal proceedings are now taking place, it is very difficult for us to comment further; indeed it would be wrong for us to do so.

For that reason, we will not take further questions at this time. Thank you.





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