Hindus, Sikhs a part of British middle class

Survey reveals South Asians take pleasure in hard work, family life
16th December 2010: South Asians have a reason to feel proud. Their contribution not just to the economy and the society, but also in upholding the values that made the country great, has found recognition.
A social attitudes study published this week shows how much Hindus and Sikhs have become part of the British middle class.

In fact, the survey goes on to say they have higher than average household incomes. This is not all. They live in leafy suburbia, considered a posh area for since the late Victorian age.

With this, it is clear that the migrants, particularly the ones from South Asia, make up the backbone of Middle Britain.

The survey reveals that the South Asians take pleasure in hard work, aspiration, education and family life. On the other hand, they detest the unpleasantness characteristic of modern urban landscape.

The survey goes a long way in disagreeing with YouGov survey, which found 81 per cent support the cap on economic migration. According to the findings, the public rather wanted stricter controls on immigration to the UK.

Those expressing opinion in the favour of the cap include Lib Dem supporters, even though the coalition partner has all along been insisting that immigration cap could put pressure on British businesses and science research.

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