Home Office best public sector employer of the year for lesbian, gay, bisexual

In nothing less than a reiteration of UK’s open policy towards lesbian, gay and bisexual people (LGBT), Stonewall has named the Home Office as the best public sector employer of the year for them.

Being so prominent in the index recognises that the Home Office has continued to be a place where staff feel they can be open about their sexuality.

The Home Office said the award shows it excels in ensuring that lesbian, gay and bisexual staff are represented and supported by senior managers and Spectrum, the department’s own network group.

Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone said: 'This is a great achievement for the department, and for all staff who have worked to help ensure equality is not just an add-on, but part of everyday practice.

'The Home Office will continue to challenge discrimination and promote a working environment in which people can be open about their sexuality and their gender identity. This is not only important for a fair and tolerant society but it is crucial to our success in delivering an effective public service.'

Already, gays or lesbians, in UK after fleeing persecution back home, can further look forward to fairness in the field of sports.

For actor Stephen Fry has lent his support to the government's campaign to kick homophobia out of sport.

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