Horsemeat sold in UK didn’t come from Romania – Ambassador

The Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom Dr. Ion Jinga has condemned allegations that the horsemeat sold in the UK was imported from Romania.

Dr. Jinga said: “A proper inquiry had been conducted by the Romanian authorities, and from all the data we have at the moment, there was no breach of European rules committed by companies from Romania or on Romanian territory.

“We have understood that the horsemeat found in meat products sold in the UK has been imported by the lasagne producers as minced meat from another EU member state. Romanian companies do not export any kind of minced meat. The horsemeat they export to the other EU markets is not processed and is properly labelled and controlled.”

Dr. Jinga described as “outrageous” some media reports that wild horses were killed from Romania’s natural reservation in the Danube Delta.

He said that all horses in Danube Delta “are micro-chipped and under permanent surveillance.”

Dr. Jinga added that the NGO “Vier Pfoten” that takes care of horses has confirmed that “no horse from the reservation has been sacrificed.”

“It is very sad that false data has been released without prior checking. This is an unacceptable manipulation and I believe the British public does not deserve to be served with false and distorted information,” Dr. Jinga said, adding that Romanians love horses as much as Britons do.

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