How to become a cab driver in London

For all of those arriving in the UK looking for a job but who cannot rely on perfect English speaking skills that would help them find a good one, as well as for those wanting to earn a reasonable income and still maintain the freedom to work whenever they want, becoming a cab driver could be their best option.

George Betianu, who owns Media Cars London (formerly known as Riverside Cars London) with over 700 employees, says that being a cab driver comes with a lot of benefits as well as a safe income.

Applying for a licence

The only requirement that one has to meet in order to become a cab driver in London is to have held a driving licence for at least three years. Obtaining a cab driver’s licence is a mere formality.  

 “Obtaining the cab driver’s licence is a very simple and inexpensive process”, says Mr. Betianu, who runs one of the best companies in this field.
“In order to be allowed to drive a mini cab, you have to get a medical form completed by your GP, a proof of having passed the topographical test – which anyone can manage – and a Criminal Record Bureau application form – which can be filled in online and it only takes about ten minutes to do. Afterwards, the application and all other documents are to be sent to the Public Carriage Office and they will get back to you. They rarely deny applications. Of course it does depend on how quickly you send in the application and how much interest in the matter you show, but usually it only takes one month to get your licence. You must strike while the iron is hot, otherwise you’ll miss your chance”, says Media Cars London manager.

Another advantageous aspect relates to costs. The fee for obtaining a cab driver’s licence is £360, to which you add the cost of the medical investigation at your GP, which is somewhere between £40 and £90. However the initial investment is quickly recovered…

Greater earnings

“The first thing you notice when you start working as a minicab driver is the high number of job vacancies in London. London’s crowded airports and the massive number of tourists visiting the UK will give you an idea of how many customers you could have. Moreover, Media Cars London has contracts with several hospitals and collaborates with many travel agencies from across Europe, all these providing a great number of customers,” Mr. Betianu says. A crowded city means greater earnings.
According to the information Media Cars London has, a beginner, who is not entirely familiar with London streets, doesn’t speak perfect English but who is willing to work six days a week, can still earn £500 a week after expenses. On the other side, an experienced minicab driver who knows London very well can earn up to £1000 a week.

 “There’s a chance for everyone to find a job in this field. And it is the sort of work that offers both professional and personal development. You always meet new people, there’s always a chance to find new opportunities and even to come up with a new business idea”, says Mr. Betianu.  

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