`I am proud to be a Sikh’: Rajinder Singh

Extends support to British people’s right to be proud of who they are

18th March 2010: Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the British National Party Rajinder Singh says he is proud to be a Sikh; and he supports `the right of British people to be proud of who they are’.

The assertion came soon after Rajinder Singh was given his party membership card.
Rajinder Singh also made clear his stand against the “Islamification of Britain”. He said already there were over 85 sharia law courts operating in Britain, all with legal force and recognised by the state.

Sharia law was becoming entrenched in financial institutions as well. This was the direct result of the policies followed by Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dems who have encouraged Islamic immigration, he claimed.

“I know first-hand the results of Islamist colonisation. I saw what happened to my homeland when it was overrun by Islamists and I do not want that horror visited upon Britain. This is tied up very closely to the question of the identity of the British people,” the BNP has quoted him as saying.

Rajinder Singh’s membership follows the opening of gates to non-whites by the BNP. The 78-year-old retired teacher, Rajinder Singh, is known to blame the Muslims for his father’s death; and is often referred to as an anti-Islamic activist.

Rajinder Singh has been claiming Islam is based on “deception, fraud and surprise attack”; and has lent his support to the far-right party for the last decade.
Rajinder Singh was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but fled communal tensions and came to Britain in 1967.

A former teacher from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, he has all along believed the BNP can be persuaded to accept Sikhs as British.

BNP’s John Walker had earlier asserted Rajinder Singh was the ideal first non-white candidate to join the party, as he has been supportive of the party for years; he was in Britain, and fully accepted the membership criteria.

(Rajinder Singh’s photograph with his membership card has been released by the BNP).

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