It’s time to get down to charity work

Charity, holding expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, calls people to join 22nd September 2011: Marketing professionals, photographers, artists and fluent Spanish Speakers can now get down to some serious charity work.
Raleigh International is a youth and sustainable development charity, which runs eight-13 week expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and India, for people from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and life stages.

It takes them into jungles and remote poor communities to work in partnership with local people.

Raleigh is currently recruiting project based and field managers to support its expeditions. The roles include administration, communications, media, photography and fluent Spanish speakers.

So whether you’re 25 or 75, try a different daily grind? `We all have an expedition within us, so come along to our open day and discover yours!’ the charity says

To book visit, go to or call on 020 7183 1270.

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