Johnson welcomes massive Polish contribution to London

Exclusive interview with Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

19th May 2009: The largest showcase of Polish arts and culture ever seen in the UK was unveiled at City Hall in London on 28th April. Polska!Year – A Year of Contemporary Everything from Polska! is a year-long festival highlighting the breadth of Polish arts and culture to UK audiences, with 200 events set to take place in London and 20 cities across the UK.

In this exclusive interview with Alicja Borkowska, Mayor of London Boris Johnson comments on the Polska!Year and praises Polish workers in the UK.

Do you think that Polska!Year festival with over 200 events across UK will offer an interesting insight into the Polish culture and will bring the Polish culture closer to the British people?

I agree very much that it will be a way of getting the British people to understand more about our Polish friends who now live here in large numbers and I think they do fantastic things for local communities. I welcome the massive Polish contribution to London and the more that Londoners can understand and share in Polish culture the better.

Thank you very much. What do you think about…

Dzien dobry (‘good morning’ said Mayor of London in Polish language)

Dzien dobry (laugh). Do you think that Polish workers steal jobs from British workers? There were many protests against employing workforce from Central and Eastern Europe.

There is a Colbertian lump of labour fallacy that there is only a finite amount of work to be done. This is not the case. Talented workers from Poland have given a lot of energy to the London and UK economy and to the diversity and skills of the London workforce. This is one of the reasons why I believe the city is well placed to come through the downturn in good shape.

Would you ever consider becoming a Prime Minister?


What if the party wanted?

I might be…(laugh)

By Alicja Borkowska, The Polish Observer


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