Metropolitan Police, Hindus discuss safety concerns

Police assures Hindus of all around cooperation

11th February 2010: For discussing the "crime and safety concerns" of the Hindus the UK, the Metropolitan Police interacted over 100 leaders from the community; and assured them of all around cooperation
The discussion took during the first meeting of the Hindu Consultation Forum. Its Joint chair Gulzari Babber asserted the Hindu community does not put demands on the police or any other government departments. They are peace loving and respect other religions.

He said the purpose behind setting up the Forum was to promote positive relationship and engagement between the Metropolitan Police Service and London’s Hindu communities. The idea was to work in partnership to deliver the MPS Equality Scheme

The meeting was held in North West London, which is home to one of the largest communities of Hindus in Britain.

Babber said apart from safety issues, the forum would also discuss how to increase the number of Hindus in the force, which is responsible for policing the British capital and its surrounding areas.

Commander Steve Bloomfield acknowledged the work being done by the Forum and assured the Hindu community in London that Metropolitan Police would work alongside them at all times. He was representing MPS Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

Bloomfield said they were continuing to reach out by working with temples as well as schools and colleges to improve their relationship with young Hindus.’

The Forum was set up last year to tackle crime and safety concerns within Hindu communities in London and to help improve its confidence in Scotland Yard. The police believe it has marked ‘a significant milestone’ in the relationship between Scotland Yard and London’s Hindus.

Joint Chair of the HCF, Denise Milani, who is also Director of Diversity in the police force said there were over 300,000 people from the Hindi community in London. As such, they were a very important part of the city’s vibrant diversity.

He said Scotland Yard would continue to meet with the forum to discuss ‘what can be done to help improve the safety of Hindu people in London’.

By Monika

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