Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Award launched

Nominate and say “thank you” to women doing inspirational work in London

Do you know a migrant or refugee woman who is doing inspirational work at the grassroots in London? If yes, please nominate her for the newly launched Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Award.

The Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Award aims to recognise and celebrate women who having migrated or fled persecution themselves, find time to provide essential support and inspiring leadership at grassroots level to other new Londoners attempting to start a new life in the city.

The Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Award is administered by the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum, 2 Thorpe Close and London W10 5XL. The Award is the product of a partnership between the Equals Coalition, IMKAAN, Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum, Oxfam, Refugee Women’s Association, ROSA and Women for Refugee Women.

Migrating to a new country brings many challenges and it is often women who step forward and find solutions on behalf of a wider group and help more vulnerable members of the community. They fight for equality, challenge prejudice and come up with innovative, practical and strategic solutions for those in need and all while working, studying and raising families.

The organizers of the Award say that the achievements and contribution of migrant and refugee women to London often go unnoticed. This is why as a group of women activists, they feel it is time to pause and say thank you to these committed and courageous individuals.

Any woman who self defines as a migrant or refugee is eligible to be nominated for the Award. She must consent to be nominated and have been actively involved in community work in London during the last 12 months.

Nominees do not have to lead a legally constituted organisation. The work for which you wish to nominate someone does not need to have been with or for women, or on gender issues, but it must have supported migrants and/or refugees to settle in London. Nominees can be paid workers or volunteers.

The deadline for submitting nominations is 6th February 2012. Nominees will be shortlisted and then interviewed by a panel of at least three people drawn from the partner organisations. All nominations must be supported by two referees who know her and her achievements well.

The Award will be presented for the first time in March 2012 at a high profile ceremony as part of London’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

The winner’s community or organisation will receive a £1,000 donation to spend on community work as she sees fit and she will also be offered mentoring support.  This support will be tailored to her needs and could be for her individually or for her community/organisation.

Nomination is by application form which can be downloaded from

For further information, please contact Beth Crosland: Email: [email protected], Tel: 020 8962 3042.

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