Migrants’ Rights Network looking EU migrants’ spokespersons

The Migrants' Rights Network is looking for EU migrants to be spokespersons on the benefits of EU migration to the UK in the run-up to next year's general election.

The current debate casts EU nationals who live and work in the UK only in terms of their economic benefit (or cost) to the country when it is clearly known that there is so much more that their presence does to enrich life here for everyone.

“So we need people from these communities to come forward who are prepared to speak to the media and other audiences and make the positive case for EU migrant communities,” says the Migrants' Rights Network. “If that's you or someone you know we'd love to hear from you. You'll get free media training as well as support in handling the media so that you can make the best of your arguments. It will also be a chance for your organisation (if you represent or belong to one) to gain some profile while debating a hot national topic.”

If you are interested in becoming a spokesperson, please contact Alan Ali, the project coordinator: [email protected]

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