Migrants’ Rights Network looking for the Voices of the Open Generation

Migrants' Rights Network (MRN) is looking for young creative outspoken individuals to become community spokespersons ahead of the next National elections in May.

The chosen young people will join the Voices of the Open Generation, a project of the MRN working with young voters.

“We are worried that values that promote diversity, freedom of movement and multiculturalism are being eroded and that we are becoming a less open society,” says MRN. “We want to defend a society that defines itself beyond national borders, where differences are considered essential to our community and being extraordinary is an advantage. We are tired of being fed fear of foreigners and differences; only by being open we can improve our lives.”

MRN is keen to find open-minded people to speak up and tell the UK politicians the kind of society they want to live in.

Those living in the UK who are under 25 and are aspiring filmmakers, photographers, or spoken word artists are encouraged to contact MRN. The deadline for applications is 18th January 2015.

For further information, please send an email to [email protected] or dial 020 7336 9412.

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