Mixed race 4-year-old boy urgently needs a lifesaving stem cell donor. Here’s how to help

Tommy Simpson

A four-year-old boy in London battling leukaemia urgently needs a lifesaving stem cell donor.

Tommy Simpson is a son of a Firefighter. He is a boy of White (British) and Black (Caribbean) heritage who loves playing with his toy aeroplanes and putting on his Dad’s uniform, pretending to be a firefighter.

The young boy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) in January 2016 after being admitted to hospital a few days before Christmas. He has been in hospital ever since.

Tommy Simpson
By becoming a donor on the stem cell register, you may potentially be able to save Tommy Simpson’s life

Tommy’s parents Nigel and Maxine have launched an urgent appeal to find Tommy a potential lifesaving stem cell donor in the event his imminent test results reveal he will require an unrelated stem cell (bone marrow) donor to save his life.

Being of mixed heritage, Tommy has less than a 20 per cent chance of finding an unrelated best possible match.

The same applies to people who are black or from a minority ethnic background. There are only 3 per cent of donors on the UK stem cell register who are mixed race, making Tommy’s chances of finding an unrelated donor extremely difficult.

Nigel and Maxine said: “Tommy doesn’t have any siblings so the one in four chance of a sibling being a match doesn’t exist for Tommy.

“It is at best a 50 per cent chance for parents to be a match for their children; this is normally a route doctors go down when they can’t find anything better.

“We know the window of opportunity for an unrelated match being found is going fast with each day passing; that’s why we are appealing for people to join the stem cell register now.”

Blood cancer charity ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) are leading the #Match4Tommy campaign by hosting donor registration drives to find an unrelated match for Tommy.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “Firefighter’s are at the heart of our communities and help others day in day out to keep London safe.

“Now we need help from the public to respond to this urgent appeal for donors for a London firefighter’s son Tommy.

“If you are yet to join the stem cell registers, please attend this donor registration drive and encourage your family and friends to attend too; Tommy desperately needs your help.”

If you’re White Northern European, Black African or Caribbean and mixed race, please become a donor on the stem cell register.  You may potentially be able to save the life of a funny and beautiful little boy.

Click here to join the stem cell register.

For more information on the #Match4Tommy donor drives, call ACLT on 020 3757 7700 or visit their website

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