Survey on phone and internet usage of immigrants: 15 minutes of free calls up for grabs

Foreigners and ethnic minorites in the UK are invited to take part in a European survey on the usage of the internet by black and minority ethnic groups.

People born outside the EU and those whose parents were born outside the EU are questioned on how they use the Internet and mobile phones to talk with friends, to find information, to get a job, and participate in the local community and wider society.

Primary focus is given to the views of people of South Asian and Caribbean background.

The online survey takes only 15 minutes to complete, and one in 10 participants will receive 15 minutes of free telephone calls as a reward for taking part.

The survey, conducted by the Open University of Catalonia on behalf of the European Commission, has the intention of yielding a 'better understanding of the integration of minority and migrant communities in Europe’. It is also expected to `help inform the policy development of the European Commission’.

The survey can be found at .

Giving details, those behind the survey say: `ConnectIEM is an EU-funded project researching the use of information and communications technology (ICT) by migrants from outside the EU and people from minority ethnic groups.

`It is being conducted in eight countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom’.

The survey will only take 15 minutes to complete, and continues until the end of the year.



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