Prince William, Kate Middleton urged to visit Hindu temple after wedding

`It would be wonderful gesture in view of growing diversity’: Zed

6th January 2011: Prince William and Catherine Middleton have been urged to visit Hindu temple sometimes after wedding, as “this would be a wonderful gesture”, in view of growing diversity of United Kingdom.


Hindus across the world have applauded the planned “model” Royal wedding, with a recent poll indicating the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete — at least for some Americans. They believe it might bolster dwindling institution of marriage
The couple has even been urged to visit a Hindu temple sometime after their wedding,
Hindus have, in fact, commended the “model” wedding planned for Prince William and Catherine Middleton of United Kingdom, saying that it might help uplift the institution of marriage which is changing in dramatic ways world over.
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed also praised the decision of British Royal Family and Middletons for sharing the wedding cost and not putting it on taxpayer in view of tougher economic times.

Wishing the couple a happy future together, he urged them to visit a Hindu temple sometime after their wedding to seek the blessings and good wishes of the Hindus of United Kingdom and the world. In view of growing diversity of United Kingdom, this would be a wonderful gesture.

A recent Time/Pew poll indicated that 39 percent of Americans think that marriage is becoming obsolete; only 46 percent unmarried people want to get married; and 30-31 percent give “financial stability” as “very important” reason to get married. Only 52 percent adults are married and 41 percent kids are born to unmarried women.
Zed, in a statement, said the world and religious leaders needed to bolster the institution of marriage, as it was affecting the entire social fabric.
In Hinduism, marriage is the most important sacrament and was said to be established by sage Svetaketu. Married couple is looked as a complete module for worship and participation in cultural and social acts. After marriage, one thoroughly enters into householder phase, where one can attend to the goals of dharm or duty, Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, has pointed out, quoting the scriptures.

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