Read the 10 March issue of “The Polish Observer”

In the latest issue of “The Polish Observer”:

* cover story:

“Poles do not like each other? That is a myth!” – Polish immigrants seen through the eyes of translator, poet and philosopher, Andrzej Żuromski.

(“Polacy się nie lubią? To mit! ), page 3

* interview:

– with Michał Sędzielewski, a guitar player and co-funder of Metasoma band from London

(“Najlepsze dopiero przed nami”), page 4

– with Aleksander Nawrocki, an artist and Editor-in-Chief of “Poetry today” magazine

(“Ocalić wrażliwość i marzenia”), page 6

* crème de la crème:

– feature article by Janusz Palikot, the most controversial politician in Poland…

(“Kraina katastrof”), page 4

 – the most popular story about Polish immigrants living in UK by Janusz Młynarski…

(“Pomarańcza” za 281 funtów), page 10

* also:

– horoscope, page 13

– hot cultural events not only for Polish community, pages 14 and 16


and much more…


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