Read the first March issue of “The Polish Observer”

Read the latest issue of “The Polish Observer” – 29 February 2012:

* cover story:

– “Polish director by a hair's breadth of winning an Oscar” – exclusive interview with Agnieszka Holland…

(“Polka o włos od Oscara ”), page 3

* interview:

– with Agnieszka Bednarska, who wrote a book about wives and mothers of Polish immigrants, who came to UK to earn some money…

(“Polskie matki i żony na emigracji ”), page 4

– with Basia Klimas, the director, choreographer and teacher in her own folkloric group „Orlęta”…

(“Cieszy mnie polska młodzież ”), page 6

* crème de la crème:

– feature article by Janusz Palikot, the most controversial politician in Poland…

(“Lista lektur ”), page 4

 – the most popular story about Polish immigrants living in UK by Janusz Młynarski…

(“Co jaram i dlaczego ”), page 10

* also:

– horoscope, page 13

– hot cultural events not only for Polish community, pages 14 and 16

and much more…

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