Rodina News, new Bulgarian weekly launched in UK

Spring 2014 sees a newcomer to the ethnic media market: Rodina News (Родина News), free-press weekly for Bulgarians nationals in the UK.

Rodina News is published by My Own Media, the same company publishing the most widely read Romanian language publication in the UK Ziarul Romanesc and the award winning The AfroNews.

Rodina News saw 7,000 copies of its first issue distributed in London on 22nd March during the Spring Day festivities.

Yordan Michev, Editor in Chief of Rodina News said: "I mean to establish Rodina News as a reliable, thought-provoking newspaper that meets the highest journalism standards.

"For us – Bulgarians in the United Kingdom – the moment is very important. We now have the right to work and live in the UK, but an anti-Bulgarian campaign in some British newspapers continues. We will try to be the media that bridges Bulgarians and British society."

Mr Michev added: "Bulgarians in UK are hardworking and pay more in taxes than they receive in social benefits. That's why they do not deserve such treatment."

Rodina News will be distributed in the forthcoming weeks also in the southern coast of England, where Bulgarian communities are numerous, giving a national scope to the publication.

From this week the ethnic media publisher My Own Media is determined to become the point of reference on the UK market for the media addressing newcomers to Britain: Romanians and Bulgarians.

My Own Media's Romanian weekly, Ziarul Romanesc, on the UK market since 2009, was also redesigned this week and acquired a new format that brings it closer to other British newspapers.

"We are and respect our UK readers both in form and in content. The new format of Ziarul Romanesc is our way of saying that we care about the quality of the product that we offer," said Sorin Cehan, Editor in Chief of Ziarul Romanesc.

"In all these years we have published the weekly without interruption. We maintained equidistant from both Romanian and British political forces and have dealt with all community issues seriously," said Mircea Maer, UK Editor of the Romanian paper.

"We have been involved in organizing events for the community and proved that we really are a newspaper for Romanians in the UK and not just a publication established to do business," Mr Maer added with pride in his latest commentary on "We now wish the greatest success to the team of professionals at Rodina News.”

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