Sanya-Jeet Thandi quits Ukip saying the party is playing the race card

Sanya-Jeet Thandi, UKIP’s ethnic minority poster girl has said she is quitting the party because it is playing the race card.

She wrote in The Guardian that the anti-immigrant campaign was undermining “Ukip's claim not to be a racist party,” adding that “They are turning the election into a game of "us" and "them". Well, I am with "them".”

Ms Thandi said the party was “straying further and further from the policies that attracted so many of its original supporters, instead cynically pursuing ever more aggressive anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

Ms Thandi, who is a daughter of Indian nationals, said she strongly supports immigration. “According to the Adam Smith Institute, GDP could more than double with the free movement of labour. There's no denying immigration is a positive thing. Yet if I voted Ukip, how many of those voting with me would privately prefer that my parents and I were not citizens of this country?” Ms Thandi asked.

While acknowledging that Ukip was “still a relatively young party”, Ms Thandi said “that is not an excuse to allow racists to stand for election. Nor is it an excuse to exploit the ignorance in British society and indulge the racist vote by telling them "they'll take your jobs". Sorry Ukip, you've lost another vote.”

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