Save Saleh Family from deportation, Theresa May asked

An Egyptian mother, Fariman Saleh and her two teenage children have been arrested from their home in Cardiff, and are being held at Cedars pre-departure accommodation in Crawley.

The failed asylum seeker family is under threat of forced removal to Egypt.

UK Border Agency officers raided the family’s home on 19th October 2012 very early in the morning, woke Mrs. Saleh and the children, handcuffed and took them away.

It seems that the UK Border Agency’s original plan was to deport the family on the same day, but something went wrong.

Save Saleh Family Campaign says they contacted the family and learnt that their “detention period has been extended to a week and that they'll re-arrange another flight for them.”

Save Saleh Family Campaign is urging the public to contact the Home Secretary Theresa May asking her to delay the deportation until all aspects of the case are lawfully considered.

Click here to see a Model letter you may sign and email to the Home Secretary using this email address: [email protected]
Mrs. Saleh arrived in the UK in 2007 with her son and one of her daughters who were aged 12, and 15 at the time.

Save Saleh Family Campaign says that for 15 years, prior to coming to the UK, Mrs. Saleh was subjected to domestic violence and rape by her husband. Although she asked for help, he was never prosecuted for his actions because of his close ties with high ranking officials and the authorities in Egypt.

The UK Border Agency rejected the family’s application for asylum, ignoring numerous pieces of evidence regarding the case, Save Saleh Family Campaign says.

In the past Mrs. Saleh's family didn’t have good representation from solicitors. In particular, documents were not been formally translated.

The family now have excellent solicitors who have been trying without success to get the complete SAR (Family's asylum case file) from the UK Border Agency.

Save Saleh Family Campaign says the family’s solicitors only received an incomplete SAR without crucial documents which are needed to legally challenge the case.

If you think that you could help Mrs. Saleh’s family in any other way, please contact the Save Saleh Family Campaign on 07411466065.

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