Stay happy, share household work with your spouse

A new study says couples washing dishes stay together

28th December 2009: If you are a foreigner in the UK looking for ways and means of enjoying marital bliss in an alien land, don’t just be a breadwinner leaving your wife to do the household chores. Share the household work. Do the dishes together.

A new study has revealed couples washing the dishes together stay together. The ones sharing household chores are happier than those where one partner is the breadwinner and the other is the homemaker.

For reaching the conclusions, the researchers analysed national surveys in which nearly 50,000 adults answered questions about their lives, including the amount of paid and unpaid work they did.

The findings show the value of providing equal opportunities in the workplace and better childcare, and the benefit of men taking an active part in domestic chores, lead researcher Rod Beaujot of University of Western Ontario said.

He was quoted by the ‘Daily Mail’ as saying adequate childcare facilities and equal opportunities for parental leave should be a focus of public policy. And, by supporting the shared-roles model, there would be support for the type of family model that many would prefer with less burnout.

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