`Teenagers are logging out of emails’

Emails may be out of vogue in another decade

18th November 2009: Emails may soon be a thing of the past. A new study has found email may be ‘extinct within a decade’, with more and more teenagers switching over to instant messaging and social networking sites for speedy communication.

Emails may have replaced the “snail mails” about a decade ago, but the electronic way of keeping in touch is fast losing its charm, as millions of teenagers are logging out.

The study by social anthropologist from the University of Kent says emails are dying out as they are thought to be too slow, too inconvenient and simply not fashionable any more.
The study was commissioned by broadband provider TalkTalk.
It found only 51 per cent of Britons in their teens or early twenties thought of email as first choice of communication, The Daily Mail reported.
Email alternatives like instant messaging, texting and social networking sites were are looked upon as quick and easy.

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