Tell the story of migration with your photographs and compete to exhibit


“100 Images of Migration”  — is being run by Migration Museum Project

23rd June 2011: If you have captured the myriad moods of immigration, here’s your chance to compete.


The competition — “100 Images of Migration”  — is being run by the Migration Museum Project in conjunction with the Guardian Newspaper.
The organisers want to ensure that as many people as possible get the chance to enter the competition, particularly young people, and people with a strong connection to migration, including current refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

The deadline for entries is Friday, 15 July. Entrants have been invited to submit an ‘Image of Migration’. All kinds of images are welcome – from photos and paintings to collages, to any other kind of visual depiction.
The definition of “migration” is as broad as possible – your picture may be something you or a family member brought to the UK, an image from a migration journey; or it might be something completely public – from border agency buildings to, say, bank notes printed on Huguenot Portal family paper. Your images can be historic or contemporary; the migration they evoke can be voluntary or forced.
You are asked to write a short explanation of what your image means to you. Length does not matter – from a few words to a paragraph. What’s important is that your words, and your image, tell a story of migration.

Enter the competition by 15 July. Here is where to get the details: Migration Museum Project competion.

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