Ziarul Românesc hosts biggest children’s Christmas event in London

Ziarul Românesc, the weekly newspaper for Romanians in the UK together with MY Romania Group last weekend organised the biggest ever Christmas event for Romanian children in the UK.

The Newman Catholic College Hall, in Willesden, London, was on 6th December filled with hundreds of children and parents who came to meet Santa Claus.

Collaboration between the organisers and sponsors led to the event’s success, said Larisa Aramă, Sales Manager of Ziarul Românesc.

At least 300 children received gifts from Santa Claus. The event was sponsored by: Talk Home, Levenes Solicitors, EastLines, Cărți Românești, Grădinița ABC, Sebastian și Cristina Vulvoi (Dany & Seby LTD), Marius Țîrdea (Bohemian Dreams), Marius Samoilă, Magazinul Bucovina, Alexandra Style, Cool Pizza, FARA and Fundația Ion Rațiu.

Mircea Maer, editor of Ziarul Românesc said they were grateful to George Beţianu, who personally helped Santa Claus transport the gifts to the venue.

“We are also grateful to all the volunteers from MY Romania Group for their great help in organizing the event,” Mr Maer said. “Special thanks to Santa Claus (Constantin Culică), especially for his patience, to Santa’s wife Alina Movileanu, and his assistants Dana and Ioana.”

Iris Radulian, the coordinator of MY Romania Group said the event was a successful display of unity. “It was the only Romanian community event managed by so many volunteers, bringing together more than 300 Romanian children under one roof,” he said.

The management of Newman Catholic College was impressed by the organization of the event, especially the large number of participants, children, cakes and costumes, Mr Radulian said.

“We are Romanians and such events remind us of home,” he said.

More than 40 children dressed in traditional costumes entertained the guests with Christmas carols and poems.

Click here to read more about this event in Romanian.


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