‘100 images of migration’ exhibition at Hackney Museum closes next week

Only a few days left to visit the ‘100 images of Migration’ exhibition at Hackney Museum, where the exhibition will close on Thursday 5th September.
On closing at Hackney, the exhibition moves next week to Senate House, London, the first stage of a planned tour around the country.

This has been the first exhibition co-hosted by the Migration Museum Project, with Hackney Museum providing inspired curation of the display. The event has been a triumphant vindication both of the collaborative spirit at the heart of the Migration Museum Project’s purpose, and of the power of the testimony of individual citizens.
The exhibition originated in a competition run by the Migration Museum Project and the Guardian newspaper and has been one of the most successful exhibitions run at Hackney Museum in the last few years, with visitors coming from as far as Devon, Bristol and Northern Ireland.

The Hackney Museum’s 100 images of Migration web page – also received more hits than any other month since its website launched six years ago.
Cllr Jonathan McShane, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, said: “We’ve been delighted to host the Migration Museum’s first exhibition, which highlights the importance of migration and how it has brought new cultures and communities that have helped to shape the country we live in today. This is particularly pertinent in Hackney, where we have a proud history of celebrating diversity.”
Professionals and non-professionals alike have contributed to the exhibition, and each item is accompanied by a short account of the story behind it. It is a powerful, poignant and heart-warming account of the hardships and achievements of the great range of people who have come to this country over the last few hundred years.
The Migration Museum Project is a charitable company that aims to create the equivalent of an Ellis Island museum of migration for the UK. The museum will tell the story of people’s migration into and out of this country, providing a crucial human narrative for this highly charged issue.

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