Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna ‘Most Stylish Couple’.

Bollywood Glamour Couple awarded the title by Star Week magazine
29th August 2011: Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are the ‘Most Stylish Couple’.
That’s right! Bollywood Glamour Couple, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, have been awarded the title of ‘Most Stylish Couple’ by Star Week magazine.

Already, Akshay Kumar is occupying one of the top slots on the ountry’s popularity charts.

Fashion fades but style always remains” says Bollywood style icon Akshay Kumar who, alongside his wife Twinkle Khanna, has been honoured with the title of “Most Stylish Couple”     
By leading celebrity publication, Star Week magazine, as the chic couple appear on the cover of the latest issue.

Akshay Kumar is recognised as one of the most stylish stars of the Indian film industry and his wife Twinkle Khanna is known for her immaculate dress sense which matches her inimitable taste and style in the field of interior design, in which she has established one of the most reputed and sought after industry names. This makes the married style icons the classiest couple of B-town.

Akshay says he has inherited his fashion sense from his wife who has the most enviable wardrobe, and the superstar would never compromise on comfort. The star couple complement each other perfectly even though they have very individualistic styles, and truly deserve the glamorous accolade as they continue to hold their own in the style stakes.

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