All things beautiful in Nigeria to be showcased on October 15

CANUK to organize cultural carnival for London

21st September 2011: The Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK) is all set to organize a cultural carnival for London for showing once again Nigeria is not only a land of beauty, but also of glamorous cultural values and artifacts.
CANUK Chairman Chief Bimbo Robert Afolayan says the cultural carnival is slated to take place at Leyton Cricket Ground, London. on October 15.

He said: “We Nigerians in the UK, that is, all the Nigerian associations in the UK under the central body of CANUK will be organising the biggest black cultural tourism carnival in the UK, not only to showcase our rich culture, but to tell the world that Nigerians have  what it takes to make the world happy.”

The carnival is a part of the association’s activities aimed at drawing the world’s attention to the fact that good products and people abound in Nigeria.

He added: ‘We are not happy with the wave of negative publicity and media ridicule being shunned out daily in the UK about Nigerians and Nigeria as if our country is full of evil people. We are not evil; neither are we the worst country in the world. The larger percentage of Nigerians in the UK are very decent, law abiding professionals who are daily contributing to the economy of Great Britain.We cannot allow the activities of a few unscrupulous  element to overshadow the rest of us.’

Afolayan said this was one of the conscious and concerted efforts being made by CANUK to use cultural endowments to promote and boost the image of their country here in the UK.

It was their belief that this carnival would showcase Nigeria’s cultural tourism potentialities and stimulate tourism  interest from the peoples of other nations in the UK.

The carnival would bring out the totality of all Nigerian ethnic and professional groups. He said this was  one carnival out of many. It was going to be a paragon of Nigerian culture where all cultural groups on state-by-state basis would showcase their worth in unity and harmony of dance, songs and drum.”

The cultural carnival was also being put in place to remind children born and bred in the UK that they have a very rich and enviable historical and cultural background

Quoting Chief Afolayan, the Nigerian Tribune said: “We are putting all hands on deck for the success of this carnival, which is the first of its kind to be organised by the CANUK, the umbrella body of Nigerian and Nigeria related associations in the UK.”


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