Commemorate Mother’s Day with television special Mama Africa.

It seeks to celebrate and honour mothers for roles they play

11th March 2010:
Commemorate the Mother’s Day with television special, Mama Africa.

Scheduled to be aired on HiTV on 14th March, Mama Africa seeks to celebrate and honour mothers for the nurturing and often courageous roles they play in `our lives’.

As viewers, you also get a chance to text in your Mother’s Day wishes and see the message scroll on screen during the show. The text number will be revealed on HiTV from Friday, 12th March 2010.

The show aims at searching for the epitome of ‘Mama Africa’ – a woman who embodies strength, love and devotion.

Produced by Phoenix Media Partners Ltd., Mama Africa is a fun-packed feel-good show which will also feature goodwill messages from celebrities like Rudolph Walker (Patrick Truman in Eastenders), top UK comedian and broadcaster Richard Blackwood, UK-based Congolese comedian Eddie Kadi, Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, Africa’s number one comedian Basketmouth and many more.

Mama Africa is proudly supported by Coinstar Money Transfer, Maltina, Tilda Rice and Sleek Icon.

Mothers – and the ideals behind motherhood – are something which reaches out to all nations. But specifically within BME communities, mothers hold special cultural prominence and are held in high regard.

The idea behind the TV special was born out of an appreciation for mothers, their struggles, their endeavours, and the joy along with love they bring to their children.
The show acknowledges not only mothers, but all women who have played nurturing roles in `your lives’.

In the spirit of nurturing and appreciation, the National Blood Service VIP Appeal also celebrates African and Caribbean mothers through support of Mama Africa.

The National Blood Service VIP Appeal campaign aims at encouraging Black African, Black Caribbean and South Asian communities to give blood and help meet the need for rare blood types within ethnic minority communities.

Statistics for blood donation show a situation in need of much improvement; currently only 1 per cenr of active blood donors are from combined Black African and Black Caribbean communities. And because of this, particular types of rare blood groups found only in Black communities are in great demand.

With the VIP Appeal, the public get a chance to become a ‘Very Important Person’ and make a difference in their local community by registering to give blood. You can visit for more information.

You can watch Mama Africa on HiTV (Sky 204) on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 14th March 2010, at 8.00pm

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