Documentary exposes absurd and inhumane detention system

‘How long is indefinite? to be screened on 17th December 14th December 2010: ‘How Long is Indefinite? Detention without time limit in the UK’, a documentary zooming in on the inhumane detention system through the lives of three people, is all set to be screened on 17th December 2010.
You can watch it between 18:30 and 21:30 hours at Mol’s Place, 23 Macklin Street, off Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5NN.

Migrants’ Rights Network says: `Every year the UK Border Agency holds thousands of migrants in Immigration Removal Centres without knowing when or if they can deport them. There is no time limit to this detention; they are held indefinitely often for years on end.

‘How Long is Indefinite?’ exposes an absurd and inhumane detention system through the lives of three people trapped in limbo with no end in sight. The powerful evocation of detention from those going through it highlights a detrimental and futile practice and asks if it can ever be justified.

`Fouad, an Iranian political activist, came to the UK as a refugee in 2000 and has been detained for over 19 months; the Iranian embassy won’t accept him back, yet the UKBA refuses to release him. He remains in limbo with no future.

`His friends and fiancé describe the impact of his incarceration as they can do nothing but wait. Fouad shares his experiences of a system that sees him as subhuman over seven months of his ordeal’.

You can also hear from Saleh. A Darfurian asylum seeker, he is torn from his children after 20 years in the UK and detained for almost two years unable to prove his ethnicity. And then there is Aissata, whose detention experience drove her to hunger strike for 28 days.

Professionals in detention law and practice reveal the bureaucracy behind this system that result in its failure to function for the purposes of those in and outside its walls.

‘How Long is Indefinite’ reveals how the fear created around immigration manifests in this unbearable detention limbo and asks how such treatment can be accepted in a society heralding civil liberties and human rights.

A Q&A session with the Director Alexis Wood and contributors will follow the screening.

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