Event to bring to youth issues raised by Smiley Culture’s death

To make youth aware of issues through film, debate and music 26th April 2011: An event is being organised to bring out the issues raised by Smiley Culture’s death; and to make the youth aware of these issues through film, debate and music.
The event is being organised on Saturday 7 May, between 6.30pm and 10.30pm at ULU, London WC1E 7HY.

It includes presentation of Smiley Culture music videos and a panel debate. It will be chaired by Sukant Chandan – Sons of Malcolm; Merlin Emmanuel – nephew of Smiley Culture, Lee Jasper, Dr Lez Henry and Isis Amiak

Tragic rapper-cum-Dj Smiley Culture’s death has already brought about a demand for carrying out vital changes to legislation to possibly minimise the numbers of suspicious deaths.

The development assumes significance as suspicious deaths come out to be one a week for the past decade.

The demand came during a protest rally organised for demanding a public probe into Smiley’s death.

Smiley Culture, alias David Emmanuel, died from a stab wound following a dawn raid by five Met police officers on his house in Warlingham.

The police has been claiming he stabbed himself, but the family is disputing the claim.

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