Have a heart at `Lambeth African Caribbean Health & Wellbeing’ event

Event on Saturday 23 October 2010 20th October 2010: African Caribbean communities are more likely to experience high blood pressure, stroke and type-two diabetes.
For empowering these communities and others with information about risk factors, the `Lambeth African Caribbean Health & Wellbeing’ event is all set to be organised on Saturday 23 October 2010 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at the world famous Oval Cricket Ground. Everyone is invited.

Tasha Danvers, who won the 2008 British Olympic bronze medal, has been invited as a special guest. Budding athletes and Olympic hopefuls will have the opportunity to meet her and listen to her inspirational stories and motivational guidance.

Guest speakers will offer up-to-date information on public health priorities in Lambeth, Food and Nutrition, how to keep your heart healthy and other health conditions affecting the community.

Project Manager – BME Communities, British Heart Foundation, Ali Orhan, says they have been working specifically with African Caribbean communities to raise awareness of heart health for the past 18 months.

African Caribbean communities are more likely to experience high blood pressure, stroke and type-2 diabetes. By empowering these communities with information about risk factors and encouraging people that have concerns to discuss them, they could put them in a stronger position to live a fuller and active life.

“We are very grateful to all the support that Lambeth Community Health has given. They have shown a real commitment and determination to help bring about change regarding the health and wellbeing of African Caribbean communities in Lambeth. I feel this will be the start of an exciting and truly collaborative partnership involving influential community groups, local health care professionals and the BHF.”

Monica Imbert, Health Promotion Specialist at Lambeth Community Health, says; “Health inequalities exist in the UK, both between and within minority ethnic groups. Within the Black African Caribbean community, prevalence of obesity and related disorders are significantly higher than the general population. For this reason, Lambeth Community Health (NHS) has been happy to support the British Heart Foundation in the organisation of this spectacular event; an event that will look, not only at the cultural barriers to change, but also provide culturally specific tools to overcome these barriers.

To register your interest or for further information you can email at: [email protected]

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