Human Rights Watch Film Festival kicks off on Friday at the Ritzy

Human Rights Watch Film Festival will take place at the Ritzy from 23rd to 30th March 2012. It will be a week-long programme of thought-provoking films and Q&A sessions focusing on racism, women’s rights, environment and the global economy.

Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organisations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. Its Film Festival brings to life human rights abuses through storytelling in a way that challenges each individual to empathise and demand justice for all.

“Since last year’s festival, the popular protests worldwide – from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements – have struck at a fundamental issue of our time: increasing economic inequality and its consequences,” said John Biaggi, Human Rights Watch Film Festival director. “Our 2012 programme focuses on key elements of the current situation at both a micro and macro level.”

The Festival opens at The Ritzy on Friday 23rd March. It will present a programme of thought-provoking films and documentaries organised around four themes: development, environment and the global economy; migrants’ rights and racism; personal testimony and witnessing; and women’s rights.

Many of the films will be followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers, experts and those featured in the films.

The closing night film and reception will be on Friday 30th March with Nadine Labaki’s drama WHERE DO WE GO NOW? This is the heart-warming tale of a group of women determined to protect their isolated community from divisive forces that threaten to destroy it from within. The screening will be followed by a discussion with director.

Cinema Manager, Rob Belfield said: “We are delighted to welcome back the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in its 16th year! The Ritzy has been hosting the festival since its expansion to London in 1996 and I am pleased to say that it has become one of the major highlights in the Ritzy’s annual programme. The festival attracts not only members from our local community, but also people from all across London who gather here to celebrate the power of film as a means to create human rights awareness and political and social change.”


Friday 23rd March
6.30 – FAMILY PORTRAIT IN BLACK AND WHITE (Cert TBC) + Q&A with filmmaker
9.15 – EVEN THE RAIN (Cert TBC) + Q&A with filmmaker

Saturday 24th March
4.30 – LOVE CRIMES OF KABUL (18) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere
7.00 – COLOUR OF THE OCEAN (15) UK Premiere

Sunday 25th March
4.30 – BLACK BLOCK (15) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere
7.00 – THE PRICE OF SEX (Cert TBC) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere

Monday 26th March
6.30 – BROTHER NUMBER ONE  (15) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere
9.00 – HABIBI (Cert TBC) UK Premiere

Tuesday 27th March
6.30 – PINK RIBBONS, INC. (15) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere
9.00 – SPECIAL FLIGHT (15)

Wednesday 28th March
6.30 – LITTLE HEAVEN (15) + Q&A with filmmaker UK Premiere
8.40 – RAISING RESISTANCE (15) + Q&A with filmmakers UK Premiere

Thursday 29th March
9.15 – SAVING FACE (Cert TBC) + Q&A with filmmaker & guests UK Premiere

Friday 30th March: Closing Night Film & Reception
6.30 – WHERE DO WE GO NOW? (Cert TBC) + Q&A with filmmaker

Visit the Human Rights Watch Film Festival website ( for more information about the festival and the organisation.

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