Liberia’s long story retold, bit by bit

The launch at HOST Gallery in London to be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs from Liberia

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9th September 2009: He took a break from image making in 2006 to work as an investigator for the United Nations Security Council’s Liberia Sanctions Committee, reporting directly to the Security Council about threats to Liberia’s stability. Tim Hetherington now presents Long Story Bit by Bit – Liberia Retold.
The launch at HOST Gallery in London is accompanied by an exhibition of Hetherington’s photographs from Liberia
“Liberia Retold” is published by Umbrage Editions, HOST Gallery is a Foto8 initiative – In print, Online and On Display –
Tim Hetherington’s exploration of Liberia between 2003 and 2007 brings an extraordinary range of characters to life: warlords and presidents, environmental activists and traditional hunters, political hustlers and democratic visionaries.
During the time he spent in the country, Hetherington became fascinated with the dynamics of power, from the raw power wielded by the young men of rebel groups, to the corrupt power of the transitional government, to the possibilities of a democratically elected president.
This exhibition puts faces to the names behind the news headlines, and in doing so demonstrates that what happened in Liberia was not the product of an inexplicable and random chaos.
Tim Hetherington spent eight years living and working in West Africa. In 2003, he and a TV colleague were the only journalists to report from behind rebel lines as the war closed in on the Liberian capital, Monrovia, and its leader, Charles Taylor.
The resultant film, Liberia an Uncivil War, was revalatory in its access and highly acclaimed for its view of the war.
Hetherington stayed on after the war, living in downtown Monrovia and documenting the post-war years.
Hetherington is the recipient of a Colombia University duPont award, UK NESTA National Endowment Fellowship and four World Press Photo prizes, including the 2007 World Press Photo of the Year.
He currently lives in New York and is a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair.
Tuesday, 15 September, will see book signing and reception at HOST. On Friday, 18 September, Hetherington will present images and discuss the project. The event continues till 24 September 2009.

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