London Demo to ask Daily Express to stop sponging off of migrants

A demonstration will be held in London on 23rd September 2013 asking the Daily Express to stop sponging off of migrants.

The statement calling for the demo says that the “ownership for the Daily Express is ultimately held offshore by four Richard Desmond settlements registered in the Channel Islands (a no/low tax haven). Richard Desmond's company has paid very little tax in the UK. So the company that continually attacks migrants for sponging off of the British State contributes far, far less than the migrants it continually attacks.”
The Daily Express, the statement adds, would appear to be the one “sponging off of the hard work and contributions of migrants working in the UK.”

Guido Tallman, the organiser of the demo says they’d like to show that at times, “the role the media play is both damaging and hypocritical, and to do so with humour. Things can get pretty miserable in the immigration sector.”

Mr. Tallman would like Britons to be informed that non-British workers account for approximately four million of the 29 million people working in Britain. The fact that four million people are paying tax and national insurance should not be ignored, he says.

“We hope the demo will play a part in the awakening of people as they realise that the lies they are fed on immigration are a big distraction from the real crimes being committed against ordinary British people,” Mr. Tallman says.

The demo will be held on 23rd September at 17:30, at 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN.


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