London event to tackle how to stop domestic violence

The Grapevine Live will host a conference on domestic violence in London on 5th July 2012 at the Adulis Restaurant.

Only 25% of domestic violence incidents are reported. When reported, less than 20% of those accused are found guilty. This crime causes physical and mental damage. It affects men, women and children of all races and ages.

The event whose theme is “We can stop domestic abuse,” will speak to the abused, abusers and those who care for them both.
An incredible panel of speakers is ready to listen and share decades of experience on this sensitive topic.

The panellists include Farah Damji, author of the book “Try Me” and director of Kazuri Properties Ltd, a Social Enterprise which purchases, manages and rents property. The company assists vulnerable women, through specialist wrap around provision, one-to-one with mentors and peer-to-peer support. Women they re-house include those leaving domestic violence shelters and supported housing.

Cyril Husbands will also share his experience. Cyril is a Business and Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer, specialising in 'soft skills' – influencing, communication, public speaking, personal effectiveness and leadership.

Cyril has long taken an active interest in working against violence against women. Serving as a community activist, he has worked with violent men supporting them in addressing and changing their violent behaviour.

He has also worked in the mental health field, including a stint directing the African Caribbean Mental Health Association.
Sharon Griffiths will also be in the panel. Sharon has been a qualified social worker within Children & Families departments since 1999. She moved to London in 2009 to help manage a children’s charity that provided parental assessments and packages of intervention in Westminster. She is now a Service Manager within the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Sharon works with parents who are victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and applies careful and skilful intervention to enable them to notice the effects of this on their children.
The event will also be addressed by Mandy Marshall. Mandy is the co-founder and co-Director of Restored, a Christian organisation aimed at transforming relationships and ending violence against women.

She previously worked for Tearfund as their Programme Development Advisor for Gender. Mandy has travelled extensively over the last 17 years and has run gender training across Africa, Central Asia, SE Asia & Latin America and the UK. She has various published articles and spoken at many different Christian events and churches nationally and internationally.

In 2011, Mandy won a Deloitte Women Who Rock Award for her work on gender equality and ending violence against women. Mandy has lived and worked in India. She currently lives in Twickenham with her husband Ben.

The event will be hosted by Eddie Nestor from BBC London.
“We can stop domestic abuse” conference
5th July 2012
Adulis Restaurant, 44 Brixton Road Near Oval Station
£10 to enter. Refreshments are on sale

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