”Hot Love, Cold Hearts” Romanian Film Festival in London on matters of the heart


The new edition of the Romanian Film Festival in London, now a traditional event for all lovers of Romanian culture and film, is opening its 8th edition on Thursday, 10 November. 

Once again the Festival will showcase some of the best Romanian movies, this time featuring matters of the heart.

"As you know," says festival director Ramona Mitrica, "Romanians take pride in their Latin origins, and being a Latin lover of some kind comes naturally to us," – hence the title.

All the films in the programme have something to do with love, but given that they come from the land of the Romanian New Wave, things are not as simple as they appear and there is a twist to this emotion.

The festival’s gala screening will be Radu Muntean’s carefully observed quotidian drama TUESDAY, AFTER CHRISTMAS. 

The following days will feature UK premieres of Catalin Mitulescu’s LOVERBOY and Lucian Georgescu’s PHANTOM FATHER (boasting an impressive performance from Marcel Iures), and UK premieres of the short films LORD by Adrian Sitaru and SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, OR BATMAN by Tudor Giurgiu. 

The Romanian Film Festival also includes a film that irked dictator Ceausescu so much that he banned it: Lucian Pintilie’s savage satire on the communist regime, CARNIVAL SCENES. 

The closing film of the festival is Anca Damian’s critically acclaimed animated documentary CRULIC.

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Hot Love, Cold Hearts


10 – 14 November 2011 

Curzon Mayfair & Curzon Soho cinemas

Festival Director: Ramona Mitrica 

Festival Curator: Mike Phillips

organised by The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre, 
in collaboration with 
The National Centre of Cinematography, Bucharest and Curzon Cinemas. 


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