Re-conventional Design Show in Manchester

Re-conventional – Graduate Design Show is taking place at the Chinese Arts Centre, Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU.

The show features designer Ai-Lun Huang (from Re-conventional).

Re-conventional is a new graduate Design Show celebrating the works of three UK-based Chinese designers, who work across the North West, London and Scotland.

The show aims to highlight the changing shift in contemporary design practice and the increasing desire for young designers to reference back to classic and everyday objects for inspiration for their new products.

From this year’s Degree shows, there was a clear focus on Contemporary design courses, both for UK and international students. In particular, the UK-Chinese design graduates’ work took on an organic approach responding to classic design – a visual consequence of an old idea, a vital function or a feeling towards an object.

Re-working these classic objects enables the designers to create a sense of nostalgia and memory for the audiences to respond to, as both a narrative through the object itself, and as a sensory response through the choice of material and ability to interact with the product.

This graduate design show reflects this focal point from three designers’ perspectives, each working with a similar conceptual belief but with three very unique end products.

The show is on until 20th April 2013.

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