Drown fears of hangover in your drink

Says cheers to alcoholic beverage that cleanses bloodstream

24th December 2009:
Forget hangover, say cheers to vodka-based cocktail that promises to leave you as fresh as ever in the days of celebration.

That’s right! An Indian-origin nutritionist has invented an alcoholic cocktail. Gurpareet Bains says it could prevent festive hangovers by "cleaning" the bloodstream, as the vodka-based cocktail contains a string of "superfoods" that cleanse the system.

The 32-year-old British nutritional therapist and Indian says alcohol by volume rate of 40 per cent will cause drunkenness, but its ingredients fight the symptoms of a hangover. So you can now drown in your drink all the apprehensions of splitting headache, parched mouth and the overwhelming desire to vomit.

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