Eat tomatoes for healthy blood circulation

Gel around seeds prevents blood clotting

23rd December 2009: If you love food prepared with liberal quantity of tomatoes, you may actually be increasing you life expectancy. And the man who first came out with the secret to a long and healthy life is an Indian-origin Professor.

Prof Asim Dutta Roy of the Rowett Institute discovered in 1999 a natural ingredient found in tomato seeds ‘Fruitflow’. Researchers in Britain have found it is a key component to long and healthy life.

The researchers believe the ingredient derived from the gel around tomato seeds, prevents blood from becoming sticky and clotting, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

Clinical trials have shown the colourless and tasteless gel goes a long way in maintaining a healthy blood circulation. It does so by preventing the clumping of blood platelets which can lead to clots.

The gel works by changing the characteristics of platelets — tiny cells in the blood. They are smooth, but inflammation in the blood vessels resulting from smoking, high cholesterol and stress can causes them to become spiky and so stick together, forming clots.


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