Happiness Kills!

Laughter not always the best medicine

26th May, 2011: Laughter is not the best medicine, after all. Too much of happiness can make you sad. It can, rather, prove fatal — at least this is what a study carried out by an international team suggests.

The research took into consideration several studies to see if happiness has an ugly side. The research found people too full of joy die younger compared to their downbeat peers. The study carried out by a variety of varsities went into the details of children from the 1920s to old age.

The research, reported by the Daily Telegraph, also came to the conclusion that children rated "highly cheerful" at school went onto die younger than more reserved classmates.

Going into the reasons, the study found this was probably because the cheerful ones were likely to live a more carefree life, full of danger and harmful lifestyle choices.

The researchers also found the cheerful ones may also be more prone to mental problems such as bipolar depression, which sees moods swing from extreme happiness to debilitating sadness.

It also maintained being too cheerful, particularly at inappropriate times, could also rouse anger in others, exposing the happier ones to harm.

Making hard attempts to stay too happy also often ended up leaving people feeling more depressed. This was because effort put in to improve mood often left people feeling cheated.

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