Health info a click away for Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian communities

Health Communicator websites in native languages launched

22nd October 2009:
Health information in native languages is just a click away for Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian communities in the UK.

In fact, the Lithuanian, Polish and Romanian communities living in the UK can now log on to information on accessing health services, problems and promotion in their languages, with the launch of websites.
The sites also offer information to these communities in their languages on how to access the NHS. Up till now, the information available was sporadic and hard to find. But, now the Health Communicator websites put forward all available information in their languages.

The sites also contain a video produced by NHS, Newham, about accessing services in the community languages. Although the video is primarily aimed at people in Newham, it also explains how the NHS works for people in other areas.

The Health Communicators is a pilot project within Aston-Mansfield Community Involvement Unit and set up in collaboration with Newham Primary Care Trust’s Health Improvement and Prevention Programme (HIPP) in March 2009.

An official release issue here says it has been set up to help new communities learn about and access health services in Newham more efficiently.

To visit the websites, you can follow the links:;; and

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